Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Even DUmmies Mock Hillary On Wiping Server

So just how disastrous was Hillary's press conference yesterday when she proclaimed ignorance about the meaning of "wipe" as in "wipe" the server? It was so bad that even the DUmmies are mocking Miss Pretty In Orange. Although DUmmieland is now at least 95% in Bernie's camp despite the efforts of Head DUmmie Skinner to steer things Hillary's way because of his financial ties to her campaign, the DUmmies have up to now disregarded questions about Hillary's server as mere "rightwing propaganda." They preferred to attack her for economic reasons. However, that has suddenly changed as you can see in this THREAD, "Hillary Clinton won’t say if her server was wiped." Suddenly the floodgates have opened and now Hillary is fair game over there on this topic. So let us now watch the DUmmies go after Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, predicting that Hillary is about to get TRUMPED, is in the [brackets]:

Hillary Clinton won’t say if her server was wiped

[You mean like with a cloth?]

I doubt the server would have been wiped without her consent. Clinton is not just a random person in her late 60s. In addition. If it is wiped, someone made that decision. Given that it was made after a major effort to both print out and save a subset of messaged because the State Department had pushed her to give them the emails. I suspect that when she set up this system it was done with the expectation that they would all be private. Otherwise, at minimum, the work and personal emails would not have been comingled.

[At least she prepared herself for the Big Slammer by wearing an orange jumpsuit.]

She's wiped whatever chance she had to win the General. Unrepairable.

[Is that you, Donald Trump?]

We're going to see that moment re-run 1,000 times before the General. It's a killer, because it reveals something about her that most people find intensely disagreeable. What she lacks in personality, eloquence and warmth she makes up with snark, arrogance, and cold, self-satisfied condescension. The remark wasn't even clever or disarming. Hostile and clumsy.

[But doesn't she bake some killer chocolate chip cookies?]

The comment is making the rounds on social media. But hey ... "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

[So her emails were read by the Russians and the Chinese but what difference does it make?]

She is going to pretend not to understand the context of "wiped" in reference to data?

[Playing DUmb as a campaign strategy.]

When it comes to appealing to Millenials, she's tech savvy... But when it comes to responding to difficult questions, she's a digital newbie. How conveeeenient!

[What difference does it make?]

I am supposed to believe this person doesn't know what a data wipe is?

[Wipe often to prevent hemorrhoids.]

She's acting like a lawyer instead of a candidate. She's keeping her mouth shut, due to potential litigation. That's a bad sign for her campaign. She is on the defensive and this interferes with her positive message.

[Positive message? Like "It's my time, DAMMIT!!!"]

Once politicians start playing semantic games, especially in reference to an FBI investigation, things don't end well.

[It depends on what the definition of "is" is.]

does she think people are stupid?


How to Look Guilty/Arrogant/Stupid 101.

[DUmmies are experts on the latter.]

If the computer was wiped, someone made that decision. Given the existing FOIA, and the fact that her team did the sorting, I don't think that wiping the machine was something done by her tech person without permission.

[Can't she just blame it all on her tech guy?]

. to wipe a hard drive and or a server is something a sixth grader understands. To plea that she has no clue is kind of bizarre,

[What's does "Hack" mean? Chop away at wood?]

Bookmarking for future reference when meltdown occurs. I can see exactly where this is going.......

[It's going straight to President Trump. See you at The Donald's inauguration!]

If she didn't understand what wipe meant, she would have said "What do you mean?" By saying "What, like with a cloth or something?" reaks of on purpose. This is a B movie line.

[A B comedy movie.]

Yep. Hillary is too big to jail. But she will never be elected. This scandal is the end for her. Tragic, in a way. It has all the elements of a tragedy: tragic hero, tragic flaw, tragic ending.

[Hero? Where?]

She's blowing smoke and it's working against her; in most people's minds where there is smoke, there is fire.

[Liar! Liar! Pantsuits on fire!]

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hillary's Last Stand in DUmmieland

The few, the brave, the.....WAAAAAH! The demoralized. I mean utterly DEMORALIZED. Who? The handful of Hillary supporters left in DUmmieland. Like George A. Custer at the Little Big Horn, their numbers were never great but now they have dwindled down to a pathetic few. Yes, they had a big boost initially from DUmmie Leader Skinner who hyped Hillary bigtime. Of course, it was Clinton Cash that influenced his decision and until recently he was giving pep talks to boost the morale of those few, very few, Clinton supporters in DUmmieland. However, even Skinner now appears to have given up trying. Perhaps this is the signal that the Clinton money pipeline from the Clinton campaign to his wife in her role as Treasurer for Friends of Hillary has dried up. To get a visual idea of how Hillary's already meager fortunes in DUmmieland has collapsed, just look at their HILLARY GROUP compared to their BERNIE SANDERS GROUP. The latter group has dozens of threads each day with with scores of posts hailing their SOCIALIST while the Hillary Group has just a trickle of threads flowing in with a dozen posts tops...if they are lucky. The bottom line is the steam has completely run out of the Hillary Group and now they are in a freefall of utter demoralization. So let us look at the handful of Hillary threads remaining in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that even Bill Clinton is no longer defending his wife, in the [brackets]:

More good news just for us!

[Please Blue Fairy. Bring us any tiny tidbit of happiness!]

Machinists' union endorses Clinton for president in 2016

[Yeah, now there is a real game changer. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]


[Rub your rabbit's foot three times and pray to goddess Gaia.]

The union, based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, represents nearly 600,000 active and retired members, according to its website.

[That's probably counting dead members which means they can vote where Democrats rule.]

I was looking at the list of current Congressional Members who have endorsed Hillary, 118 to date with 15 former members of Congress also endorsing Hillary. These are members who have worked in Congress who has confidence in Hillary but not in Bernie. O'Malley has one endorsement from Congress, 31 Democratic Senate members out of 44, 87 Democratic Representative members out of 188, overwhelming support from Congress.

[Please, Blue Fairy! Please, Blue Fairy! Please, Blue Fairy! Please, Blue Fairy! Please, Blue Fairy! Please, Blue Fairy!]

Why I post in this safe-haven sanctuary...I wouldn't last 6 replies 'out there'!

[LOL! This DUmmie is right. The Hillary Group is like a safe-haven sanctuary where they can post Hillary fantasies without being Berned.]

That's how you do it one union at a time!!

[The Hard Drive Wipers union will be next with a Hillary endorsement. Well, this thread already faded away at under 10 replies so let us go to the next listless Hillary thread...]

See Hillary just nabbed another endorsement

[Prepare for the grasping of the straws.]

This one from U.S. Senator Tom Harkin. How long before we hear Tom isn't a progressive? Or is a corporatist?

[Defensive much, DUmmie HappyinLA who has a grand total of only 31 post? ]

Senator Harkin's endorsement is a critical one in Iowa. He is a liberal icon (picked Obama last go 'round). In the Iowa caucus world, this endorsement carries some weight, particularly in light of the relentless media attacks on Hillary, the ginned-up 'threats' of other old candidates entering the primary race, and the so-called surge of Senator Sanders (I-VT). This endorsement is an in-your-face rejection of all that "bad news"!

[I actually read that Harkin "endorsement." All of it was about Harkin himself with one paragraph devoted to Hillary. Okay that thread fizzled out after FIVE replies and now to perhaps the most pathetic thread I have seen in a long time...]

I'm so HAPPY! I just got off the phone with my previously undecided client and...

[...and I will so desperately grasp at a straw of absolute nothings that it will turn me, DUmmie Walk away, into the laughingstock of the web.]

She, her sister and their daughters watched the Hillary videos that I sent them and read all of the articles. They are now (all nine of them) certain that they will vote for Hillary and are even talking about having a house party!

[GAME CHANGER!!! BTW, aren't the daughters aged 2 to 12?]

That's how it starts.

[Today a client being merely polite, tomorrow THE WORLD! Enough to send DUmmie Tarhell Dem into massive urinations of happiness. ]

This is great news

[Let the celebrations begin! Okay this thread died at nine but I think you get a sense of their utter hopelessness and desperation. Meanwhile, as stated, even former cheerleader Skinner has skipped the Hillary scene.]

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pitt Splits DUmmieland Again Over Hurt Feelings

Let us throw a pity party for Pitt. William Rivers Pitt has splt from DUmmieland again over hurt feelings. Normally he can be expected to crawl back again with his tail between his legs but this time there might not be a DUmmieland to crawl back to and the reason for this has to do with why Pitt split. You see, in the past Pitt was a member of the DUmmieland protected class. Most posts slamming or mocking him were pulled. However, this time a mocking post, "24 business hours", was not only allowed to stay up, it wasn't even locked. Why? Because it has everything to do with DUmmie leader Skinner aka Mr. Moskwa aka David Allen selling his soul to the Hillary campaign. You see, Pitt apparently lost his normal protection for the "high crime" of being an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. Skinner seems to have taken his revenge by leaving that thread mocking Pitt up in all its hilarious glory. Pitt is a member of the 99% of the DUmmies who are supporting the avowed socialist while Skinner is backing crony capitalist Hillary Clinton. Of course, no full disclosure from Skinner as to the reason for his Hillary support namely the big bucks his wife, Shelly Moskwa, is earning from the Hillary campaign as can be seen in FEC documents presented in a previous DUFU edition. Since among the profitable Hillary activities conducted by Skinner's wife is the selling/renting of mailing lists, I wouldn't be too surprised if the DUmmie personal email addys was included in those lists. Of course, Skinner has remained completely mum on his Hillary money pipeline despite the fact that he should have made full disclosure of the Hillary money connection of Mr. & Mrs. Moskwa. So goodby to Pitt and it might be for good since DUmmieland could soon melt down when outrage against Hillary and Skinner boils over. Here is Pitt's Good Bye Cruel World thread, Cheers, best wishes, and farewell. So let us now wave so long as he rides off into the distant of the blazing Bolshevik Red sun while the commentary of your humble correspondents, wondering if Skinner's future comments should be in Crony Capitalist Green, is in the [brackets]:

"24 business hours"

[Quick! Send this thread to the memory hole. Oh wait! Since Pitt is a Bernie Boy, Skinner will allow the public mockery of the heretic.]

I strongly suspect that Karl Rove to be indicted from TruthOut was due to an insider to deceive and give the impression it was about to happen to ridicule them for not turning to be accurate. I have a feeling anyway.

[May 12, 2006. A date that shall live in hilarity.]

Wait- I'm confused. I must have totally missed whatever the backstory here was.

[A DUmmie without a clue. No surprise there.]

A poster that the Op hates wrote an article predicting Rove's indictment. Back in 2008 when many were convinced, including insiders in DC that Rove would be indicted, With Pitt wrote an article on his blog. Truth-Out. The poster has decided to dig this up out of the past to try and humiliate a poster he does not like. It is nasty, disgusting, stalkerish behavior.

[Actually 2006. It might be nasty, disgusting, stalkerish behavior but it has the seal of approval from the one percenter DUmmies like Skinner (Mr. Moskwa) who support Hillary.]

Is this why Pitt posted a farwell note?

[Yes, especially after he realized that Skinner gave it his seal of approval by not deleting it.]

He just said his 'cork had popped'

[Al Gore calls it "releasing my Chakra."]

I can't believe that I have been on this board so long that I knew just what the op was referencing. I remember how my hopes were dashed. I hope it happens one day and that Rove's karma catches up to him.

[Merry Fitzmas!]

It's still goddamn funny, I don't care who that burns "...24 business hours to get his affairs in order..." Anybody who thought a federal prosecutor would actually say such a thing is a f***ing moron.

[How about 95% of the DUmmie morons who believed it?]

I actually bet a bunch of DUers at the time that the story was bullshit. I told them it was nonsense as soon as I read Leopold's story. Why it's being brought up now is a mystery to me, but at the time it was hilarious. It really was a symptom of how desperate people were for a solution to Bush. "Fitz" was going to save them. It was a childish belief with childish proponents.

["Fitz" could have shut the investigation down on like Day 3 when he discovered that RICHARD ARMITAGE was the perp.]

the most ironic thing was that the leak to Novak was from one of the few sane people in the Bush admin, Richard Armitage.

[DUmmies were surpremely disappointed when it turned out that RICHARD ARMITAGE was the perp. It didn't fit there fictitious narrative.]

Yes, we were all waiting for Fitzmas.

[Waiting and waiting and waiting for 24 business hours to go by.]

Not quite sure what you are aiming at, but it is pretty obvious what happened with "Fitzmas" is that the Truthout/Pitt/Leopold crew lied, and made up the story, hoping that an indictment was in fact inevitable and that their lie would later be backed up by events. There was no indictment, they made a bad bet, pretty simple.

[They sure did make a bad bet. Instead of Pitt holding court in a fine Boston eatery as a respected pundit as he had hoped, he is now stuck in a tiny cabin in the backwoods of New Hampshire holding court with many, many bottles of distilled liquid.]

I remember waiting for the indictment!

[Only 24 business hours to go!]

if people expect special treatment because they're semi-famous, they have to grow thinner skins. Pitt has gotten special treatment from the admins here--there's literally no other poster who would have been allowed back after he did what he did to get himself banned. and it's not like he can't dish it out, as those who watched his interactions with bobolink can attest

[Ah yes. Pitt threatened physical violence upon that fragile homeless woman, Bobo the Hobo.]

"24 business hours" is a part of Pitt's legacy, and he's not going to be able to run away and hide every time someone brings it up.

["24 business hours." Carve that on his tombstone.]

So, yes, when people bring up a fiasco fueled by recklessness, ego, hubris, stubbornness, and gullibility, there are going to be snickers. Especially when those who should have learned a lesson from that episode pointedly refuse to acknowledge the lessons that should have been learned.

[Well, Pitt did issue a partial birth non-apology.]

His drunken rants and crappy insults towards Obama and others turned me off. I really don't care if he stays or goes. I'm not a fan.

[Is that you, Mamma Raven?]

I read his temper tantrum rant to Skinner. I gotta say Skinner is a better person than I would be - to have allowed him back. Pitt sure seems to love the drama, I can see that. Kind of sad, actually.

[You wouldn't think Skinner is such a nice person if you knew he was BETRAYING you and most other DUmmies by failing to reveal his financial connection to the Hillary campaign.]

I'm sure Mr. Pitt will still be posting on other websites.

[Not in KOmmieland where he has been hilariously mocked in the past.]

He has had 3 books published and has been on the NYT Best Seller List.

[Vanity press books checkbooked by Mamma Raven and NYT Best Seller List only in Pitt's fantasyland.]

Pretty sure the person who runs this site is a Hillary supporter

[CASH is his incentive to support that crony capitalist candidate. Now on to Pitt's Goodbye Cruel World THREAD...]

Cheers, best wishes, and farewell.

[So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you]

Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul

-- Robert Hunter

[At least you are attributing it this time rather than plagiarizing it.]

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do ... Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

-- Nancy Sinatra

[I think this was Nancy Sinatra's only hit song.]

It's been a fun 14 years, but I do believe my cork has popped.

[And you've popped many a cork, Will. Hic!]

Good luck, be well, much love.


[And now the DUmmie reaction to Pitt's exit stage left...]

Huh? Why?

[Because his feelings were hurt and Clinton Cash Cow Skinner wouldn't protect him any more.]

I hope this is a temporary break from the fiasco du has become.

[A fiasco in which your own leader is secretly taking Clinton Cash.]

There's a lot of other old time DUers who won't be far behind.

[When they find out they have been BETRAYED by Skinner who is in the Hillary cash pipeline.]

The oldtimers are drifting away from DU for a reason. They haven't changed. DU has.

[DU has turned into a Clinton Cash Cow by Skinner. Ask him if his wife sold/rented your email addy in her role as Hillary treasurer.]

Will Pitt never needed proof. Between Rove and Turbo Tax, he never offered an OUNCE of proof, why should we hold this poster to a higher standard?

[Thanx for the reminder that Pitt also ended up with egg on his face over his Turbo Tax FALSE story.]

Oh Will, what sad news. Although I do understand. I think the Democratic party is in as much trouble as the Republicans.

[Both parties have people taking crony capitalist cash. Right Skinner? Skinner?]

A lot of us have seen this schtick before.

[Is this the fifth or sixth time that Pitt left "forever?"]

I give him 3 weeks.

[I give DUmmieland 3 days IF they acknowledge that they were betrayed by Clinton Cash Skinner.]

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Bernie Sandernistas Attack Clinton Cash

The Bernie Sandernistas are attacking Clinton Cash. No, they haven't gone so far as to specifically attack the Clinton Cash fiunneled to head DUmmie Skinner via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, in her role as Treasurer of Friends of Hillary as revealed in detail on FEC documents featured in a previous DUFU EDITION. Since these revelations, Skinner seems to have gone into a witness protection program as a sort of voluntary "Desparecido" so as to avoid having to face his fellow DUmmies concerning his Clinton Cash. In the meantime the DUmmies of the Sandernista faction which consists of about 99% of the DUmmies are attacking the enormous fees both Hillary and Chelsea are scamming from colleges as you can see in this THREAD, "A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead." So let us now watch the DUmmie Sandernistas attack the sordid world of Clinton Cash in Bolshevik red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Hillary's hedge fund son in law just lost a big chunk of that cash in Greek investments according to Fortune magazine, is in the [brackets]:

A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead

[Can't afford the big scam? No problem, we'll get you the little scam.]

When the University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for a celebrity speaker to headline its gala luncheon marking the opening of a women’s hall of fame, one of the names that came to mind was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But when the former secretary of state’s representatives quoted a fee of $275,000, officials at the public university balked. “Yikes!” one e-mailed another.

So the school booked the next best option: her daughter, Chelsea.

The university paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton’s brief appearance Feb. 24, 2014, a demonstration of the celebrity appeal and marketability that the former and possibly second-time first daughter employs on behalf of her mother’s presidential campaign and family’s global charitable empire.

[How much of Chelsea's fee was ultimately lost by her hedge fund hubby on Greek investments?]

More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the school’s long courtship of the Clintons.

[Of course it would never occur to the university to book a (GASP!) conservative but on to the angry Sandernistas...]

65,000? I would barf if I was in college and they decided to pay that much for her to speak....ugh.

[Hey, the Skinner payments to keep you DUmmies in line don't come cheap.]

What has Chelsea Clinton accomplished in her life that didn't involve her parents that would justify her receiving a $65,000 speaking fee?

[Lived through birth?]

I like Chelsea. She's down to Earth and a genuinely nice person. If someone wants to pay to hear her speak, what's the big deal? Besides, she gives her fees to the foundation. The senseless bashing is depressing, particularly considering that this is a Democratic site.

[Yes, Chelsea gives her fees to the foundation which then funnels it into such charitable projects as payments to the Treasurer of Friends of Hillary aka Mrs. Skinner.]
It's called, "lucky sperm."

[Webb Hubbell's sperm is lucky? I say that lower lip DNA MUST be permanently removed from the gene pool.]

Sorry, Hillary folks, but --- how do you explain that a presidential candidate asks $275,000 to speak at a university? Please do it. Please explain.

[Shelly Moskwa. Mrs. Skinner. Skinner. Keep DUmmies in line. There. I explained it.]

Criticism of the requested $275k is entirely deserved. It indicates greed.

[Money talks, BS walks. And in this case BS stands for Bernie Sanders and he WILL be walking. When? At the Democrat convention next year when the Clinton Cash talks to the DNC rules committee and invalidates Bernie's delegates because wasn't technically registered as a member of the Democrat party. So even though Bernie will have a majority of delegates, BS walks out of the convention as a LOSER because Clinton Cash TALKS.]

The money is donated to the foundation which is charitable. It is not like Hillary is pocketing it and buying diamonds and furs.

[Not buying diamonds and furs but buying Skinners and shills.]

OK, the Clintons re not greedy. The foundation is greedy. Better?

u [How would you classify Chelsea hubbie's hedge fund?]

The difference is that Hillary can get paid that fee, Bernie can't.

[Also Bernie doesn't have a son-in-law that blew a big wad of hedge fund cash on the great Greek economy.]

Personally, if I were a university student and knew money was being wasted on Chelsea, I would have been extremely pissed-off...

[But doesn't it make you happy that, according to FEC documents, some of that money was funneled to Skinner via his money hungry wife?]

But her Mom is going to be our next President... it's her TURN. Ugh. Vote Bernie!!

. [Vote Bernie!! Then watch him walk out of the Democrat convention next year a LOSER because Clinton Cash will strip away his delegates on a technicality. Money talks, BS (Bernie Sanders) walks!]

She speaks for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes Q&A, then 1/2 hr. photo op. That's all, folks!

[Plus a half hour well-stocked limo ride back to the airport for the private jet ride back to the NY penthouse.]

After a year in default, I'm finally in a student loan rehabilitation program. Owing right around 12 grand, I'll probably have it paid off in ten years or so. Where a brief appearance by a politician's daughter pays more than five times what I owe...

bb [Maybe in the next life you can be born as a result of Webb Hubbell's "lucky sperm."]

Was this before or after she said she just couldn't get exited about money? I forget...

[It was right after her hedge fund hubby told her: "I have bad news and good news. The bad news is I lost a bundle investing in Greece. The good news is I expect my investment in Puerto Rico to pay off as big as my dad's Nigerian email deal."]

I'm sure she donates every penny to charity.... You know,....The Clinton Foundation.

[Which funnels the dough to such charitable causes as Hillary brother's Haitian gold mine venture.]

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dejected Hillary DUmmie Supporters Hide Out In Bunker

Talk about low morale! The rapidly dwindling number of Hillary supporters are under such assault from the Bernie supporters in DUmmieland that they now feel persecuted as you can see in this THREAD, "I am leary of posting this but... HRC ROOM." There has been no blatant revolt by the DUmmies against Skinner himself over the fact that he is receiving big bucks from the Hillary campaign via his wife. However, the Hillary DUmmies are in full retreat as the Sanders DUmmies have completely taken over the conversation in DUmmieland. Meanwhile no response from Skinner as to his cash connection to Hillary but that is because Skinner seems to have gone into a witness protection program. Basically he has been silent for weeks. Perhaps he is praying that Bernie will peacefully fade away but that hasn't happened. Instead there is a Bernie SURGE over there with the result that the Hillary supporters feel under complete assault. So let us now join the few DUmmie Hillary supporters whispering to each other about their persecution in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how much longer the Hillary cash flow to Mr. & Mrs. Skinner will last, is in the [brackets]:

I am leary of posting this but... HRC ROOM

[Posted the dejected Hillary DUmmie hrmjustin from the HRC BUNKER.]

It is becoming clearer after these last few weeks and particularly last night that vocal Hillary Clinton supporters are being targeted for hides.

[The Bernie drones are armed and targeting you Hillary DUmmies.]

Last night people put legitimate concerns foward about Sanders and two posts were hidden. All the hides were aboug were stifling opposition to Sanders.

[You must be absorbed by the Bernie Borg!]

We are in the minority here and that has become clearer as great posters have been alert stalked and gotten bogus hides and forced vacations. It is getting harder to post here due to fear of hides and the vitriol being hurled at HRC and her supporters here.

[We few. We sad, sad few. We band of Hillary posters.]

I am leary of posting this meta here because it is very meta but as a host I have leeway on it. This needs to be said.

[Post quickly and then scurry away to your Hillary hole.]

Just be careful what you say and use ignore and the trash function if you are inclined to.

[Big Bernie is watching you.]

Use your jury blacklist.

[I, The Jury.]

BE CAUTIOUS how you respond to this thread because people are watching and have itchy fingers on that alert button. I expect to be alerted on but it needs to be said.

[Alert button LAUNCH missiles!]

And again this is a reminder this is the HRC room which is for supporters.

[This is the HRC bunker for dejected DUmmies... Now on to more tales of woe and persecution...]

It is clear to me there is alert stslking and that we are on the receiving end of it. Just a shame.

[Have you checked the view screen behind your mirror, Citizen Smith?]

I am glad you are strong. Stay strong.

[Stay strong. Stay brave. We pray we outlast this Reign of Terror.]

Clearly they are reading this forum and looking for anything to be alerted on.

[Big Bernie is watching. Always watching.]

It is almost like there is a Sanders Enforcement Committee ready to pounce on any post that is not pro Sanders. I am a lifelong Democrat have been here for 11 years and I haven't seen anything like it.

[Pants down! Hands up! The Thought Police are about to break through your door.]

Sanders supporters have a nasty streak. I cannot tell sometimes, if Sanders supporters are just the GOP playing games.

[Or...or maybe they are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

I'm a strong supporter of HRC who will be the next President of the USA.

[Is that you, Chelsea?]

Hillary is a fighter and she is the best choice.

[The best choice for Mr. & Mrs. Skinner who have profited from a nice Hillary cash flow.]

Yes it is a shame that this is happening here.

[Yes, it is a shame that Skinner's scheme to turn DUmmieland into a bastion of Hillary support went down in flames. Maybe she will dock her payments.]

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DUmmies Push Back Against Skinner's Clinton Cash Candidate

The DUmmies are pushing back against Skinner's Clinton Cash Candidate. As yet, they are not challenging him directly. Instead they are hitting hard directly on Hillary herself. The conundrum in DUmmieland is how to challenge Skinner's betrayal due to his wife, Shelly Moskwa, receiving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollary of Clinton Cash. DUmmies MannyGoldstein and WillyT are fully aware of Skinner's betrayal and are sort of nibbling around the edges since they are as yet too timid to challenge Skinner directly. However, the drip drip drip of damning documents continue pointing to the the acceptance of money from Hillary front organizations without FULL DISCLOSURE to the DUmmies when he began shilling recently as a Hillary fanboy. In this THREAD, "Hillary's electability is largely political myth at this point," the DUmmies take on Hillary while carefully avoiding Skinner's complicity in the corruption of accepting Clinton Cash without disclosing this to the DUmmies. So let us now watch the DUmmies push back against being absorbed by the Clinton Borg in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, urging honest journalists out there to investigate Mr. Moskwa's corruption starting with FRIENDS OF HILLARY, is in the [brackets]:

Hillary's electability is largely political myth at this point

[But Clinton Cash is very real. Just ask Skinner.]

What argument is there for this electability meme other than the fact Secretary Clinton is simply well known? She faced one real national test on the electoral stage, and she failed it. If she couldn't even win a Democratic primary, what evidence do we have that she will fare well against the Republican machine?

[She'll try to checkbook her way to the nomination. Just ask Skinner.]

She's not my candidate. I have no idea who I will vote for in the primary. It is far too early. But this electability thought is almost asserted to be self-evident, both in the media and on DU.

[And endlessly by Skinner. That is what his Clinton Cash funneled to his wife in her role as treasurer of Friends for Hillary bought.]

Based on what, exactly? I see no evidence offered other than very early polls that will change vastly once we're in the thick of things.

[Don't worry. Mr. Moskwa's fanboy shilling for Hillary will continue as long as that Clinton Cash Stash holds out. And now to the other DUmmies whose email addys are being rented out...]

I am trying to see a silver lining in that, but I cannot, as it would mean a) president scott walker and B) The left will get blamed and told "the beatings will continue until morale improves!"

[The silver lining is that Skinner is being exposed.]

That is what 'viable' means now, 'who has the most money'.

[Money Taks, BS Walks and that is why Skinner is talking up Hillary.]

Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street are hedging their bets hoping (paying) for a Clinton v Bush race. win-win for the Oligarchs.

[Also a win-win for the Moskwas.]

Remember last time she ran.

[This time she is taking no chances and is checkbooking her way to the nominations. 49 payments to Skinner's wife in 2008 and much more money in that direction this year.]

Only a rock star like Hillary and Bobby Kennedy* can move to a state where they never lived, say I want to run for the Senate, and win.

 [Skinner is certainly star struck right in his wallet.]

I am white.
I am a woman.
I will definitely be turning out.
I will not be casting my vote for Hillary.

[You are NOT Shelly Moskwa.]

I am watching O'Malley who may enter the race and want to know more about him. So far if he isn't just talking, I like where he stands on several issues. The TPP eg, raising SS Benefits. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

[The downside is that O'Malley hasn't checkbooked his way to Skinner's heart.]

Money rasing is a problem for all of us. Anyone who can raise $2.5 billion is working for some very special interests.

[Skinner is certainly interested in that Clinton Cash. It is how he can maintain payments on his million dollar home.]

For two billion, what are they buying? All Dem candidates should refuse that money and then spend the rest of the campaign season accusing Republicans of taking bribes from the very unpopular Wall St special interests who are buying their elections to work against the Working Class.

[Well, Hillary is buying Skinner's fanboy loyalty.]

You can not discredit her ability to be president with talking points .

[Drinketh from the cup of Skinner's Hillary Kool-Aide.]

I believe Martin O'Malley could emerge as a formidable candidate and do well in the debates. I could see him performing better than Hillary by the time the Iowa caucuses come around in January. The Iowa bounce is real and all will be shocked at how things rearrange if O'Malley takes Iowa and New Hampshire. The vibe will be a repeat of the '08 Democratic Primaries where a little known Illinois senator rolled past Hillary and never looked back.

[The main reason why I want to see the inept former Maryland governor do well against Hillary is to watch how Hillary fanboy Skinner handles it. How does would he justify his continued support for Hillary? As long as Clinton Cash holds out, Skinner can be expected to remain a Hillary fanboy.]

But, alas---It's Hillary's turn. So the party will play nice and let her run without opposition. It's depressing.

[Almost as depressing as finding out that UberDUmmie Skinner betrayed you due to Clinton Cash.]

I am from NY, all of my family is from NY. The general feeling in NY is that she BOUGHT that election

[Did she buy any leaders of wacky leftwing blog forums?]

I don't see any challenger capable of erasing Clinton's popularity among rank and file Democrats, women, minorities, and others. I don't see a Barack Obama out there among the potential challengers. That's why I think that Hillary Clinton will take the nomination going away. Frankly, she doesn't really have any challengers.

[That was DUmmie MineralMan who hasn't yet realized that there is big money in being a Hillary fanboy. He should ask Skinner for the going rates.]

I'm Ready For Oligarchy - Are You? - Vote HRC

[Warning, Skinner, WARNING! Anti-Hillary breakout on this thread. You need to earn your Clinton Cash immediately and put a stop to those resisting being absorbed by the Hillary Borg.]

Monday, April 20, 2015

Skinner Continues Hillary Hype as More Mrs. Skinner Clinton Cash Revealed

Yes, more and more and MORE revelations about Hillary's Cash payoffs to the Kettlemans, I mean the Skinners, are coming out Fast & Furious. The latest revelation comes to us by way of this Open Secrets DOCUMENT which reveals that Mrs. Skinner, aka Shelly Moskwa, received $185, 295 paid out in 49 payments. The period at Open Secrets is listed as 2009 to 2010 but since Hillary is identified as a senator, it is probably from an earlier period. Were those 49 payments over a one year or two year period? Perhaps Mr. Moskwa can reveal it to his fellow DUmmies if he is ever forced into full disclosure as to why he betrayed them. As part of Skinner's betrayal, we have Skinner's HILLARY HYPE today, "Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified." So let us now watch the DUmmies react to Skinner's purchased Hillary Hype in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the DUmmies are very slowly starting to grow suspicious of Mr. Moskwa's motivations, is in the [brackets]:

"Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified."

[That is a quote from the former leader of ACORN that Skinner proudly highlights. Of course, in a general election such a quote would be electoral poison but for now let us now look at the increasingly uneasy DUmmies...]

She appears way more a corporatist And a supporter of the military-industrial-surveillance state.

[Also a supporter of Mr. & Mrs. Skinner's financial state.]

Notice how the definition of "progressive" is being co-opted when it pertains to Hillary Clinton? I guess along with DINO we now have PINO (progressive in name only). Not buying it.

[You might not be buying it but you are inadvertently paying for it via your harvested email addy.]

I like Hillary because she gets things done

[Setting up that Friends of Hillary front to funnel payments to Mr. & Mrs. Moskwa was a great way of getting payoffs done.]

Its sickening to watch people fawn over someone who will ignore our needs once they have secured our votes.

[So you are sickened by Skinner?]

Skinner, are you trolling? This seems like flame-bait for the non HRC supporters.

[Skinner wants his fellow DUmmies to get used to the "inevitability" of Hillary. That's what he is paid for. Those Moskwa payments listed before is just the tip of their Clinton Cash payoffs.]

Seriously? In a presidential primary,you're going to view candidate endorsements as "flamebait"?

[I view it as payoff.]

I think everyone knows where Skinner stands, and I feel about him the way I feel about most other HRC supporters here: I respect them. I don't question their liberal credentials, and in many ways I wish I could join them. I take no joy in opposing HRC. I wish I could see the progressive fighter and leader they see.

[I bet you wish you could see the green cash that Mr. &  Mrs. Moskwa sees, DUmmie cali.]

This is early in the primaries,there's no reason for Bertha Lewis to endorse Hillary Clinton other than she believes her own words.

[How about Clinton Cash making its way to her as a reason?]

I love the new DU. Skinner is my hero.

[Skinner is my hero. He betrayed me!]

RIP Democratic Party The Corporate Party has taken over. Good luck.

[Check out FEC and Open Secrets documents to see how right you are, DUmmie LOoniX. Be sure to highlight the name, Shelly Moskwa.]

The real liberal political world knows Hillary Clinton and wants to see her win.

[DUmmie MineralMan drinks the Hillary Kool Aide but doesn't know how to cash in on it like the Skinners.]

And I look forward to the list of things she's had a lead role in, fought for, and won for the 99%.

[That was DUmmie MannyGoldstein which is interesting because he, along with DUmmie WillyT, already knows about Skinner's corruption. However he does not yet know how to make the accusation in full out loud. It is like Sefton from "Stalag 17" who knew that Security was the traitor but had to wait for the opportune time to make the accusation.]